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Severe weather damages homes, vehicles in Anton

Source: Devin Ward, KCBD Source: Devin Ward, KCBD

The citizens of Anton are picking up the pieces today, after Friday night's severe weather.

“All this was clean yesterday, and now it’s a mess,” Joe Costilla, Anton Resident, said. “Last night was like a war-zone to be honest with you, with all of the hail coming in. It was coming in the house, throw the windows and everything,” Costilla said.

There were intense moments as golf ball to baseball sized hail came down on the community.

“It sounded like a freight train, if you can tell the roof of the house is a metal roof,” Josh Nunez said. “All we could here was clack, clack, clack. It sounded like someone was trying to tear down the walls. So, it was pretty intense.”

Shattering windshields, windows, and messing up the exterior to most homes.

“We have probably done, 7 or 8 houses right now and have another 7 or 8 to go,” Costilla said. “The whole town is a disaster right now.”

So, it was time for them to go to work.

“We got out here at 7:30.a.m, we took a small break for lunch. But we have been at it, I mean. We don’t know if there is more rain coming or forecasted in the evening, but we want to make sure it is at least boarded up,” Nunez said.

As rain chances creep back into the forecast tonight, the residents of Anton say they will be ready and they have plans to finish the rebuild.

“We are going to get it done,” Costilla said. “We are going to get it done, just might take awhile.”

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