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HealthWise at 5 from 7.11

  • NitroMist

Nitroglycerin tablets can relieve chest pain, and now a new form of the drug could spray the pain away. Novadel Pharma is working on a lingual nitroglycerin spray. Delivering the drug in spray form right into the mouth gets the vessel dilating medicine circulating in the body more quickly than waiting for a tablet to dissolve. The company is also developing spray versions of other commonly prescribed drugs, including anxiety medication, Xanax and Imitrex, used for migraines.

  • West Nile: Bug to Bug

The transmission of West Nile Virus has been linked to mosquitoes feeding on infected birds. Now, a new study finds another, more hidden method of infection. Pathologists at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston found that a single infected mosquito could pass the virus to mosquitoes feeding on the same animal. Even if the host itself infected with the virus, simultaneous feeding with an infected bug led to an infection are of nearly six percent. The researchers suspect the stealth transmission may partially explain the spread of the disease across North America

  • Suction Dentures

Making sure dentures stay in place is important for anyone who uses them. Now some new dentures from New Zealand aim to keep the dental devices secure using strong suction. Ultra Suction Dentures use a valve system to create suction against the gums which keeps the dentures in place. For those who already have dentures, the company has a retro-kit dentists can use to adapt dentures to this suction technology. For more information go to

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