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Whiteface Man Battles Public Health Nuisances

Pointing to junk next door to his home, Ronald Young explains to NewsChannel 11, "When I left here in 1992, this wasn't here at all.  And when I came back in 2002, I was horrified to see what it turned into."

Young says his complaints about the view from his backyard have fallen on deaf ears in Whiteface. He says, "I don't think they want to step on toes. Kind of the good ol' boy network kinda thing around here."

According to Ronald, he received no help from city hall or the property owner, so he went to the state. The Department of State Health Services sent two inspectors who called the property a public health nuisance, a breeding ground for mosquitos.  Young laughs when he says, "The city manager told him she would handle the situation from there on out and you can see how its been handled."

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For Young, it's about more than the view from his backyard.  It's about the view as you come into Whiteface. He says "with junk being the first thing you see,  who would would want to stop?  "There's even another eye sore in downtown Whiteface right across from City Hall.

NewsChannel 11 asked Beseda Fertilizer Company, which owns the property next to Ronald Young, why it hasn't been cleaned up. Chad Beseda  told us, "We actively contracted with a guy to clean up the property. He failed to finish it and we understand his (Young's) complaints with him being neighbor to the eye sore and we are actively working at cleaning the property."

Beseda says he expects that all the scrap metal and weeds will be cleaned up within the next 60 or 90 days. If not, Ronald will continue his war on junk. He says, "I can go up here in the Texas Tech law library and find out just about anything about law.  I've got no money for an attorney so I'll pursue it on my own."

Whiteface City Hall assures NewsChannel 11 the eye sore will be cleaned up.

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