Consider This: KCBD viewers show support for Texas Tech Vet School

Consider This: KCBD viewers show support for Texas Tech Vet School

Your comments on our vet school editorials let us know that we have your support as we called out the Governor's office and the Tech Board of Regents for not supporting a Tech Vet School.

Charla nailed it when she said, "It's called freedom of speech AND freedom of press, Mr. Press Secretary. Keep 'em squirming, Dan Jackson!"

Amy said, "Thank you for calling out the Governor! You always do a great job of speaking the truth and blowing the whistle on shadiness in government."

You had plenty to say, but the official silence from Austin and the Board of Regents is deafening.

It has been two weeks since we asked to interview Board of Regents Chairman Rick Francis, and since I offered this time to the Governor's office to refute my claims that it is working against the vet school.

We have heard nothing from Chairman Francis or the Governor's office.

Consider this...I will continue to pursue answers and you can be certain that I will keep calling out government when it fails to serve the taxpayers who support it.

There's more to this story and you can count on us to get to the bottom of it.

You can contact the Governor's office by phone at (512) 463-2000 or reach them online at

We appreciate your support, and we hope you will continue to contact Governor Abbott and let him know how you feel about this critical issue.


Consider This: Why are TTU regents dragging their feet on vet school?

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