4 former Red Raiders playing for $2 million in Matadors TBT

4 former Red Raiders playing for $2 million in Matadors TBT

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - We all remember them wearing the scarlet and black.

Now they will get the chance to rep the Matadors once again, in The Basketball Tournament (TBT).

"It's great to see the older guys and the younger guys come together as one, and represent the school we all love in Texas Tech," Former Red Raider Toddrick Gotcher said.

Four former Red Raiders will play in the Matadors TBT. John Roberson, Ronald Ross, Jaye Crockett, and Toddrick Gotcher will suit up with five other players for the right to win $2 million.

"It would mean so much to us, it would help our families and us a lot. It would help the community out, and that's what we want to do. We hope to get to that point," Gotcher said.

In a field of 64 teams, the competition will be fierce for the $2 million prize.

Up first for the Matadors is the Washington Generals.

"I actually watched the Generals play the Harlem Globetrotters here in our arena. They are a good team but we can't wait to compete against them. It will be fun to play against them," Gotcher said.

With a record of six wins and 14,000 losses, the Generals have made it clear they are ready to change their ways.

"When you are playing for money, it's very competitive. It's not just a regular tournament, it's serious. It's for $2 million, so people will be playing their hearts out and trying to compete every game," Gotcher said.

So as the team heads into The Basketball Tournament, they have their sights set high.

"If we get to Brooklyn, it will be a great time and we hope to win it all," Gotcher said.

The Matadors will take the court for their first game on Saturday at 1:15 p.m., in Charlotte, North Carolina.

All of the games from The Basketball Tournament (TBT) will be televised on ESPN3.

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