Texas Tech Unveils Renovated Red Raider Football Locker Room

Texas Tech Unveils Renovated Red Raider Football Locker Room
Texas Tech Head Coach Kliff Kingbury welcomed players back from a week-long break between summer school sessions, surprising them by letting them in their newly renovated locker room inside the Football Training Facility.
It’s a $1.6 million dollar project that features a state of the art lightening system and 60-inch televisions in the facility.
There is an assortment of different Red Raider football helmets on display as you walk in the locker room with a lighted Double T up on the ceiling.
“We are fortunate that our administration and donors actively invest in our student-athletes, who spend countless hours in the FTF during the year,” Kingsbury said in a Texas Tech news release. “These renovations will not only greatly impact their lives but also the future of our program as we continue to recruit future student-athletes to this great university.”

Red Raider Quarterback Nic Shimonek was honored to be in the new digs.

“Yeah it’s awesome. I think we took this upstairs locker room for granted at times," Shimonek said. "It’s what you work for.  The plan obviously now is to go out and prove this. We earned this. What is boils down to is winning games.”

Running Backs Coach Jabbar Juluke says this upgrade can only help the team as the 2017 season approaches.

“This day and age, kids are impressionistic about what’s going on," Juluke said. "To see they have a beautiful place they can come and relax and have an opportunity to fraternize with their friends and become closer as teammates in a nice environment is always a positive for us to have.”

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