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Two-Year-Old Starts Mobile Home Fire

The Lubbock Fire Department is sending this warning, "never let children handle cigarette lighters." A charred skeleton is all that remains of a mobile home in the 2200 block of Research Boulevard. Investigators say a two-year-old was playing with a lighter and accidentally set the home on fire. The two-year-old, her three-year-old brother and their mother were in the house but were able to get out safely. The homeowner, the grandmother, saw the smoke from 50th and Quaker and rushed home. Mary Ann Cooper says, "I saw the fire department. Everyone was here. All of the sudden, I saw everything go poof. I saw flames coming out of everywhere and windows breaking." A fund has been set up for Chuck and Mary Ann Cooper and their family. You can donate at the First Convenience Bank at any Lubbock Wal-Mart location.

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