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Recent Tragedies Have Women Questioning Their Safety

Women's Protective Services says they have not seen this many people staying at the shelter since Christmas.

The day Gerald Wade stabbed his wife Sharon Wade to death and then killed himself, we spoke with Hattie Heiner of WPS about domestic violence. At that time, she said 103 families were staying at the shelter.

Then NewsChannel 11 learned of another deadly domestic situation in Lubbock county. A man shot his wife and then himself. Two days later, another report, this time from Snyder. A 22-year-old man shot and killed his two young children and shot himself.

"I think that once people believe it can be as server as someone murdering or killing themselves that they realize d they need to get help," said Hattie. 27 new women and children have checked themselves into the Women's Shelter since last Tuesday. Hattie says they typically see one family walk through their doors in one day. But Tuesday, they had five families.

Hattie says it takes someone brave and strong to walk away from their abuser. But before it gets tragic she says to leave while you can. "I think you need to be smart about it . Leave when your abuser isn't there. Have your bags packed with documents and know your don't have to do it alone," said Hattie.

Signs that you might be in an abusive relationship include:

  • excessive jealousy
  • controlling behaviors
  • blames others for their problems and feelings
  • verbal abuse

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