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LPD reports sharp rise in vehicle break-ins during summer months

Source: LPD Video Source: LPD Video

The Lubbock Police Department says they have seen a total of 329 reported car break-ins in the city from June 13 to July 12.

LPD says there tends to be an increase in car break-ins during the summertime, particularly during the months of June through August, when the city averages about 11 reports of vehicle break-ins each day.

One homeowner in the Vintage Township neighborhood was able to capture video of three people breaking into cars outside of his home on Wednesday night.

Michael Clintsman said the break-in happened around 3:30 a.m.

In the surveillance video, you can see three people walking up to both his and his wife's cars, opening the doors, and going through them.

He said they only got away with a phone charger. but it's the leery feeling he's left with following the break-in that bothers him the most.

"It's more of an invasion of property than a monetary issue," Clintsman said.

Clintsman filed a police report first thing Thursday morning. Police told him there is a device the thieves may be using to get into cars, instead of a busting a window.

"They said a lot of thieves lately have been using a device that scans your car opener," Clintsman said.

They must be in a certain radius to scan, but if they do, they can come back at night and unlock your car.

That means people will need to be more aware of their surroundings, at all times.

"They said be wary of when you are unlocking your car, and notice who's around you," Clintsman said. "If you notice a car is behind you, that you don't recognize, write down their license plate."

LPD says you can protect yourself by making sure you aren't leaving any valuables in your car.

Surveillance cameras, which are becoming more common, can be a great help.

While police may not be able to identify the thieves immediately, social media can be a big help.

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