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Lubbock officials looking into traffic signals on Slide and 114th

Source: Presley Fowler, KCBD Source: Presley Fowler, KCBD
Source: Presley Fowler Source: Presley Fowler

As the city of Lubbock continues to expand and annex, that inevitably means traffic flow will grow outwards as well.

A viewer reached out to KCBD NewsChannel 11 with concerns about the intersection at Slide Road and 114th Street, which is currently an all-way stop, saying she thinks it is not safe and that drivers would benefit from a traffic signal at the intersection.

The intersection has certainly become busier as the area out there has become more developed with homes, apartments and businesses.

We found out some good news for this particular intersection at Slide and 114th Street, a traffic signal is in the works.

City Engineer Mike Keenum said the city is working on a project with TxDOT to install a traffic signal there 

The traffic signal is designed, he said, but there has been a delay in receiving some of the materials that need to be sent to Lubbock. 

Once they get all of the parts, they can start building the traffic signal and he says they hope to have this built by the end of August or beginning of September, he said.

“Unfortunately it’s probably not going to be before school starts. We’re hoping that it would be up before school starts," Keenum said.  "And so, we’ll do our best in working with TXDOT to get it done as soon as they can get the materials in." 

As the city grows, the traffic engineers look at how to make intersections safer, as far as traffic flow and preventing accidents.

“We do what is called warrant studies, which we do traffic counts to see how many vehciles are going through that intersection and the movement there. We want to try to provide the safest manner possible for the public to move," Keenum said. "You know are there side streets that can’t get out because there’s too much traffic on the main artery? Then maybe that warrants that we need a signal there."

But Keenum said while traffic engineers are always on the lookout for unsafe intersections, Lubbock residents voicing their concerns play a huge role as well.

“We’ve only got so many eyes. And so we need the public to help us. If they’ve got areas that they identify that they think is a problem, please call us and we’d be happy to take a look," Keenum said. 

Residents can call 311 and ask for the Traffic Engineering Department to let them know what intersection may need to be looked into.

You can also make requests to install traffic signals online by visiting and click on service requests.

Information about Request to Install or Remove Traffic Signal is under the Traffic Engineering Service Requests section. 

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