Campos wins bloody war in Bellator 181 Headliner

Campos wins bloody war in Bellator 181 Headliner

Thackerville, OK - Lubbock's Derek Campos was pumped up fighting just five hours away in Thackerville, Oklahoma. The Coronado High School grad headlined Bellator 181 and came away with a TKO win by doctor's stoppage over a game Brandon Girtz.

It was the rubber match between these two and Campos won the first meeting by decision. Girtz came back to TKO Campos in their next match-up.

The first round was rock 'em sock 'em robots with Campos landing a knee on Girtz forehead, splitting it open and the blood flowed.

In round two, Campos had Girtz hurt up against the cage, but the two continued their war.

After round 2 for the the safety of Girtz, the doctor stopped the fight giving Campos his fourth straight win. He moves his record to 19-6 overall.

Afterwards, Campos was disappointed they couldn't keep battling in round 3.

"We just came in here and shed blood in here with each other because we are brothers. Respect that," Campos said. "The cut is deep. There's the professionals. It is a big cut or we would have given you a 3rd round to cheer on."

Derek Campos said he wants to fight the best guys and continue to move up the ladder.

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