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Will rain affect those Sunday night fireworks?

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If you live near the Hub City, you may be heading out to the 4th of July re-do of the fireworks show at Mackenzie Park on Sunday night.

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Well, Mother Nature might try for a re-do of her own, but I don't think she's going to be quite as successful with it.

I am expecting rain showers and storms to gain some coverage on Sunday; however, much like the last few days, they'll have a hard time sustaining themselves after sunset (8:58pm).

One or two might succeed. These might also be a bit more vigorous then the last few days. I am still not expecting a rain out of the festivities tonight, although I would not be surprised to see some of the things beforehand be briefly interrupted by rain.

The real kicker for the 4th of July storms was the lightning. It hung around long after the rain had subsided. These storms the last few days haven't been as electric, and I think that'll be the trend today, too. That's not to say there won't be lightning, because there will and if you see it or hear thunder, head indoors. But it shouldn't hang around long enough after the storms pass to cancel activities, hopefully.

So, not expecting a rain out. But the storms might produce quite a bit of rain in a few minutes, then it'll pass and we should be able to kick things off. And that's if one ends up over top of us.

The same holds true for the entire South Plains for Sunday afternoon and evening. From Turkey to Gail, Plains to Spur, they will all be the same type of storms. The good news, nothing stands out for severe weather. So the rain we get will be good, especially if we can get it in the northeast South Plains, which is now in the moderate Drought category.

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