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Lubbock Police Recruits Learning Non-Lethal Use of Force

NewsChannel 11 goes behind the scenes look at how Lubbock police recruits are being trained by example with their tasers.

Recruits get hands-on training when it comes to using tasers, the non-lethal weapon of choice for Lubbock police. Recruit Olivia Lopez says, "It immediately feels like everything is in slow motion." Recruit Jonathan Tutino describes his taser experience saying, "We were simulating a fight, and it went through our whole bodies. It was unbelievable pain for three seconds." Kody Nesbitt, another recruit agreed saying, "It's nothing like I've ever felt before. It's totally a different pain."

The pain last for seconds, but the impact of a taser could mean the difference between life and death for an officer or a suspect. The most important lesson recruits will learn is not to take a non-lethal weapon to a gun fight. Sgt. Dan Bryant says, "The taser is the best option we have available for non-compliance. For example, people who might be high on drugs or alcohol. Bryant says using tasers has reduced officer and suspect injuries in Lubbock by 50%. But if someone pulls a gun or knife on an officer, their training teaches them to chose the weapon that will end the deadly situation.

The police recruits have just over a week before they take the state police test, and graduate from the Lubbock Police Academy.

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