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Sheriff's Department Rounds Up Deadbeat Parents

The State Attorney General's Office is praising the Lubbock County Sheriff and his deputies after a successful raid on deadbeat parents. Several of them are now sitting behind bars at the Lubbock County Jail. At last check, sheriff's deputies had 21 deadbeat parents in custody there.

Working in pairs, four sets of deputies started paying those parents an unwelcome visit Tuesday night and into Wednesday afternoon. Deputies cuffed the deadbeat parents and brought them to jail where they'll sit until a judge sets bond.

The 21 arrested so far account for more than $400,000 in back child support. One parent owed as much at $93,000. Captain Tom Watson says, "All the bond money they put up goes toward what they owe and if they don't put up any bond money, they can stay in jail I believe up to six months."

Sheriff's deputies started off with about 80 to 100 warrants for back child support. They say finding more than 20 of those parents is a great percentage because deadbeat parents can be just as hard to find as felons.

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