Pigskin Preview: Lubbock Titans

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - The Lubbock Titans went 6-6 last year and made the Regional Quarterfinals. With a good core of Seniors this season, these home schoolers have high hopes under Dooley Appleton, who enters his 5th year as the Titans Head Coach.

"They're extremely excited as always. Looking forward to getting back on the field We had a spring training this year and really worked hard during that. We made a lot of progress that's going to carry on and carry forward to the season"

The Titans have 17 players, including 6 Seniors so besides having a varsity schedule, they will also have a JV team. They are still looking for JV games to fill their schedule. As far as varsity, the Titans always play a who's who schedule.

"We are going to start the season with Amarillo Holy Cross. We have All Saints, San Jacinto, they moved down from 11-man to 6-man. Also on the schedule are O'Donnell, Amherst, Valley and Lorenzo.

The Lubbock Titans play their home games at Wilson High School. Coach Appleton has a big thank you for Wilson ISD.

"They allow us to play on their field during the season so we can have what we call home games, even though it's a little out of town. They have been very generous to us and it's very appreciated."

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