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Lubbock bicycle rider seriously injured by pickup that swerved into lane

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A group of 24 cyclists were riding on East County Road 7100, when a gray GMC pickup swerved across the yellow line into the biker's lane, leaving the cyclist closest to the truck with no option but to swerve to avoid getting hit.

"As they came across, I just kind of moved out of the way to miss the mirror and that just caused enough havoc behind me that three other riders went down. One seriously hurt," said Andrew Lamming.

The driver did not stop to help after the accident, forcing Andrew and the other riders to run and get a vehicle to take one of them to the hospital.

That left Andrew wondering what caused the driver of the pickup to swerve into their lane, hoping it wasn't intentional.

"I'll give the person the benefit of the doubt. I hope that no one ever wants to hurt a rider, or fellow person on the road," Lamming said.

While the crash won't keep him from riding again, he is feeling thinking a lot more about safety when he is out.

"It makes me think a little bit, especially because I have a friend who is pretty badly hurt because of it," Lamming said.

Bike safety has been an important topic of discussion in Lubbock recently. The city has even added new bike lines on Broadway to help keep our cyclists safe.

Andrew believes something similar could be done in the county on the route they ride so often.

"Make this a designated recreational route or something of that nature, just to let motorists know that you're probably gonna see bikes on the road."

The accident was captured by a GoPro worn by one of the riders.

They weren't able to see the plates from the GMC pickup, but they are hoping that the video will raise awareness about bicycle safety.

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