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Ruby Tequila's employees not getting paid

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Ruby Tequila's employees are without three weeks pay following the sudden closing of Ruby Tequila's. 

The restaurant closed it's doors on Monday, with a note saying they would re-open on Tuesday, but that never happened.

Employees say they were left wondering if they when they would be able to return to work. 

Then, on Thursday, they were supposed to get their paychecks. 

The employees showed up to the closed restaurant to pickup their paychecks, only to be told by management that their checks would be mailed to them, and to start looking for another job.

Emotions were high as the employees talked about their next steps following the closing.

"It's just really sad that we should have to get to this point for them to pay us," Darci, a Ruby Tequila's employee, said. "And, they still haven't paid us."

Ruby Tequila's employees say they were given no warning that their jobs were in jeopardy.

"We have one lady who is probably going to get evicted because she did not get her paycheck," Darci said.

The employees say they have tried contacting the owner, Kevin Richard Foote, but have had no luck.

"He's not talking to anyone. I've went up there this morning, we called him yesterday," Jeff, another Ruby Tequila's employee, said. "He's ignoring calls, and all they're doing at the corporate office is telling us to leave our numbers, which we've done 500 times.".

Ruby Tequila's has been under new management for just a few short months. In that time, employees claim vendors were not paid and food orders were cancelled.

When Fired Up Holding Company Inc. took over, the employees say they were told things would be better than ever. 

However, that was not the case.

"Ever since they took over, things went downhill fast," Darci said.

Employees say they started losing business, but they continued to work hard, every day.

"We didn't run off when times got hard, we stayed here and tried to make it better," said Jeff.

Despite the recent turmoil, these employees say they loved working at Ruby Tequila's and want everything to work for the restaurant many in Lubbock enjoyed. 

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