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Twisted Spigot closed, controversy continues with Fired Up Holding Company

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Notice posted on door of Twisted Spigot on Wednesday afternoon (Source: KCBD Photo) Notice posted on door of Twisted Spigot on Wednesday afternoon (Source: KCBD Photo)

Twisted Spigot near Texas Tech University was closed on Wednesday, with no explanation to the employees or the customers.

This is the fifth restaurant closure connected to Fired Up Holdings in less than two weeks.

Junior Vasquez, a local entertainer, was scheduled to play music at Twisted Spigot on Wednesday, but he sent a message to his fans on Facebook saying the show will not go on.

Details surrounding the closure of Twisted Spigot and Ruby Tequila's have not been released to the public by the managers or owners.

Employees of Ruby Tequila's and Twisted Spigot say they have not been paid in at least three weeks.

Lawyers from Blackburn & Brown will be meeting with victims of Fired Up, Inc. who were suddenly laid off from work last week. Attorneys will be meeting with them to get more information and come up with a plan for these workers. The meeting is scheduled to be held at CWA Local 6203 Union Hall at 405 E. 50th Street on Saturday, July 29 from 3 p.m. until 5:30 p.m.

Fired Up Holding Company Inc. was registered Feb. 22 by Richard Foote of Lubbock, according to Texas Registry online records. Records show Foote is the owner of three Twisted Spigot locations, two in Lubbock and another in El Paso.

On Wednesday afternoon, R Tequila Acquisition, LLC (RTA) issued a statement on the situation. RTA is the original company that owned the four Ruby Tequila's restaurants in Amarillo and Lubbock.

July 26, 2017
R Tequila Acquisition, LLC (“RTA”) operated four Ruby Tequila’s Mexican Kitchen restaurants in Amarillo and Lubbock (the  "Restaurants") prior to May 1, 2017. Because Fired Up Holding Company, Inc. (“Fired Up”) indicated its intent to purchase the Restaurants, RTA signed multiple contracts with Fired Up. In the contracts, beginning May 1, 2017, Fired Up assumed the
responsibility of operating the Restaurants, employing the employees of the Restaurants, and paying all employee wages and other Restaurant expenses incurred during Fired Up’s operation of the Restaurants.
RTA received a copy of a letter dated July 16, 2017 from Fired Up’s Director of Human Resources, Kami Jackson, to “Team Ruby’s.” RTA has been informed that Fired Up sent the letter to certain of Fired Up’s employees who worked at the Restaurants. The letter stated that July 16, 2017 was the last day that Fired Up would operate the Restaurants. Fired Up also claimed to have terminated all of its contracts with RTA, which is a claim that RTA strongly disputes. The Restaurants closed on July 17, 2017. Thereafter, RTA saw press reports stating that employees and vendors who worked for Fired Up at the Restaurants claimed not to have been paid by Fired
Up. A State of Texas taxing authority also informed RTA that the government had not received taxes due from the sale of alcoholic beverages at the Restaurants after May 1. RTA does not yet know if the Restaurants will be able to recover from the current situation. RTA is currently conferring with its attorneys regarding Fired Up’s actions. 

According to court documents, American Bank of Commerce has filed a civil suit against R Tequila Acquisition, LLC, Akash Bhakta, Chetan Bhakta, Nikunj Bhakta, Ronak Parikh, Jimmy Salas, and Henry Leonard for defaulting on a loan for $3.4 million.

A new notice was posted to the door of Twisted Spigot on Wednesday afternoon, saying that the locks had been changed by the leaseholder due to delinquent rent.

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