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Local Radio Personality Creates Parody of Lubbock, But Not Everyone is Laughing

A spoof of a very popular campaign promoting Lubbock is making city leaders raise their eyebrows. It was produced by a local radio station and it is supposed to be all in fun, but not everybody is laughing.

When you hear somebody use the phrase, "tongue in cheek," they're probably joking around. And that's exactly the phrase a local radio personality uses to describe his version of "The Giant Side of Texas" campaign.

Comedy is a hobby for 1340 KKAM radio personality Jim G. "I do a lot of stuff, this parody type comedy stuff," he says.

Many of us are familiar with the inspiration for his recent piece called, "The Embarrassed Side of Texas," which states the founder of Lubbock County, "described Lubbock County as a desolate treeless place."

Jim G said, "it's obviously a play on The Giant Side of Texas, and my big question is where did The Giant Side of Texas come from?"

In the Giant Side campaign, an ad states, "Lubbock is reclaiming the deteriorating Overton neighborhood." The Giant Side campaign promotes the city's accomplishments.

Jim G's "embarrassed" spot states, Lubbock is "solving a neighborhood's drug problem by plowing it over and replacing it with expensive housing." His version points out what he calls controversial.

Lubbock Chamber of Commerce Executive Vice President, Marie Hanza said, "we just don't understand why this particular media outlet has chosen to take this route."

Hanza says the Giant Side is designed to make Lubbockites proud of their city. "We think we've done that because we've been imitated with this parody and imitation is the sincerest form of flattery," she says.

The Giant Side campaign goes onto say, "some of those dreams were a musical beat."

Jim G points out many Lubbock radio stations temporarily banned the Dixie Chicks after making negative comments about President Bush.

Jim G said, "we're trying to say it's the giant side from all the musicians, yet we continue to turn our back on some of the most relevant musicians that have come from here."

Jim G said he had no malicious intent, "it was just that was the idea of the day and we went with it", but he does find it ironic that it would take a spoof to become recognized.

Jim G said with a laugh, "I spent the last 11 years in radio here trying to become recognized in this city for something, it's kind of tragic I'm being recognized for knocking it, but that's okay I appreciate it!"

Jim G has lived in Lubbock all his life and says he has nothing against his hometown, he also said the piece is strictly a joke.

If you'd like to hear the entire piece click here.

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