Consider This: City council has forgotten its core mission

This week I sat down with Lubbock Mayor Dan Pope, along with Councilmen Griffith and Massengale, who shared with me the plan for community policing.

First, I'd like to say thanks to all three councilmen for their time.

I like what I heard about community policing, but when all of the talking is done, the Tower project is still $13 million over budget before it ever begins.

The $63 million in bonds sold by the last council were intended to cover the cost of both a new city hall and updating the old city hall for the police.

Consider this...good people can disagree.

I reiterated to the councilmen: public safety is job one at city hall.

Police, fire, streets and making citizens safer is the priority, but by spending our money on the Ivory Tower without asking, then "asking" us to approve a community policing plan in a potential election this fall they are playing a political shell game with public safety that may not turn out the way they hope.

When city councils, whether this one or the last one, become enchanted with fine new offices downtown ahead of public safety, they have forgotten their core mission.

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