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Campus Carry goes into effect at community colleges across Texas

South Plains College's Campus Carry policy goes into effect today (source: KCBD video) South Plains College's Campus Carry policy goes into effect today (source: KCBD video)

Community colleges across the state rolled out their Campus Carry policies on Tuesday, exactly one year after state universities were required to enact their policies.

Campus Carry deals with legal concealed carry of a handgun.

Open carry is not allowed on any community or state college campus.

South Plains College in Levelland created a Campus Carry Task Force made up of faculty and staff, administration and students.

The 19-member group met often for nearly a year to create a policy that their board of regents approved.

The task force found only one campus building needed to be an exclusionary zone, meaning a place where you cannot concealed carry. That building is the campus natatorium, or the indoor pool.

"We determined that it would be very difficult for someone to disrobe and get in the pool while having a firearm on their person without displaying that firearm. As well as the fact that there are no safes here for people to secure that weapon before they get into the pool," SPC Chief of Police Nickolis Castillo said.

Aside from the indoor pool, other exclusionary zones will be temporary during special events.

Chief Castillo says this includes sanctioned collegiate or high school sporting events, UIL sanctioned events, government or board meetings and disciplinary hearings.

"We are in the process of putting that on our website for the community to go on and look at a calendar and see what events are occurring and in which facilities so that they can know that they can't carry in that facility. And we will also post temporary signs to give them notice of that," Chief Castillo said.

Dean of Students Stan DeMerritt says there will be a few rules for dorms.

"If a student is an LTC or a CHL, they can carry in the dorm rooms. But the police states that they have to adhere to a specific type of box so if they're not carrying the weapon it has to be locked into that box at all times. Also we do require that that person notify the person that is in their same room with them if they are sharing a room, that way if the roommate is uncomfortable then we can request them to have a different room," DeMerritt said.

They both say they are confident in the policy the task force has created.

"Based on the responses that you've seen across the state from other institutions there's been minimal impact. Minimal problem with it," DeMerritt said.

"We are in line with all state regulations and we've also had many focus groups and met with various departments and people around campus that have a vested interest and we really feel that we've laid out the best policy," Chief Castillo said.

You can find all of the information you need to know about the new rules going into effect at My SPC under the "Safety and Health" tab:

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