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Floyd County museum reveals evidence of Path of Coronado in West Texas

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(Source: KCBD) (Source: KCBD)

It was an exploration that began in the 1500's and has left its’ mark on a local town.

The Path of Francisco Vazquez de Coronado stretches from Mexico to modern day Kansas. Now a local museum is saying that there is proof that a stop was also made here in West Texas.

"His path in Texas always seemed to be a mystery," says Treasure of the Museum Organization, Nancy Marble, "and so, I guess that was a part of the excitement, because finally here are some artifacts that they can identify and say yes, he was here."

However, Coronado's path isn’t the only history the museum is home to. The Floyd County museum holds artifacts from Floydada's history, dating back to when the city was originally known as 'Floyd City' in the 1800's.

Marble emphasizes that the museum isn't home to artifacts from just wealthy individuals, but instead the average person. "We try to show the everyday side of life and the work here. This is an agriculture country, and, so, we try to let the visits reflect the way of life, the way people lived and how they did it."

Marble saying that some of those artifacts could even be related to you.

"A lot of the people who come here are coming to look for something about their families who lived here or had connections here."

To see the history of Floydada, you can visit the museum from 1 to 5 p.m. on weekdays.

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