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Spur community growing after passing resolution to allow tiny homes

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Across the country, people are opting for a more simplistic lifestyle, turning over the keys to their two plus bedroom homes to join the tiny house movement.

Permitting roadblocks however, are creating inconvenience in this quest for simplicity.

However, a resolution in Spur, Texas has created a clear path, which is now drawing people in from all over the world.

Millions have watched the hype of tiny living play out on HGTV and Netflix as people downsize to homes as small as 100 square feet. 

What may not be well advertised however, are the zoning permits that make it difficult for people to find a place to put their pint sized property.

"I was watching a documentary on Netflix called Tiny and we were watching these different young couples building these tiny houses on trailers and it dawned on me they can't get permitted anywhere," said David Alsbury.

Alsbury moved to Spur in 2013 in hopes of helping revitalize the dwindling town. 

He said he asked a few other residents in Spur if they thought it would be tricky to ask the city to create an ordinance, making the tiny home idea a possibility in Spur. 

"They were like, 'I doubt it. I mean all of our great grandparents came out here and built tiny cabins out of wagons that they brought everything out here in,'" Alsbury said. 

In 2014, the city council passed a resolution establishing the designation of the City of Spur as America's first "tiny" house friendly town.

Tommy Sprout owns Sprout Tiny Homes and said he has customers calling from all over the world.

"I just visited with a couple teaching in Saudi Arabia. Their contract is fixing to run out there and they are coming back to the U.S. We've already found a property for them," Sprout said.

"We had a couple from Finland that actually sold everything in Finland, came here site unseen with four suitcases," Sprout said.

As news travels of the warm welcome Spur has for these pioneers, they expect the phones to keep ringing in this not so tiny town.

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