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After kidney complication couple finds out they are perfect match

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After leaving for two different lives, Lisa and Chris Barron found themselves back in Spur again after they initially left the town.

They knew each other in high school, and like many small town people left for bigger city aspirations. 

"I joked that I was never so happy to see Spur in my rear view mirror," Lisa Barron, said. 

She moved to San Antonio, had three kids. Chris went to Lubbock and raised two, but life struggles brought them back to Spur after so many years away.

Newly single, they managed to meet back up in the town and after a while decided on getting married. In the excitement of marriage, additional family and a job as a youth pastor, Chris was living on cloud nine. 

However, while life was going well, he forgot ailments that kept him down at one point in his life.

"I really didn't take it seriously," Chris Barron said. "Kidney failure prompted the need for a kidney transplant."

Neglecting his diabetes caused major problems with his kidneys, he said. But in the search for a donor, that would be able to save his life, the family was not hard pressed to find one.

"When they called and said, 'you're a match, you're a perfect match,' it was overwhelming," Lisa Barron said.

This also came as a surprise to the medical team. More so the fact that when surgeons took out Chris' kidney to replace it, it looked identical to Lisa's.

It was almost as though they were twins. 

"To know that I'm carrying my wife inside me," Chris Barron, said. "And my wife is helping me live my life to the fullest." 

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