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Hurricane Emily Leaves Dozens of South Plains Travelers Stranded; In Mexico and In Lubbock

As Hurricane Emily made landfall, at least 20 South Plains couples were stranded in Mexico. The storm also delayed trips for another six couples who were scheduled to leave for the area Monday, July 18th. As travelers and travel agents try to weather the storm, they said there's nothing you can do except wait, which can be frustrating when you've spent months planning your summer vacation. However, for one Lubbock couple, this was more than a trip, it was supposed to be their honeymoon.

Hurricane Emily may be hundreds of miles away, but she's quite a pain in the neck for Envoye Travel Agent, Alexiss Pruitt, who held the phone to her ear all day. "This morning, I've been on hold for at least an hour and a half."

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Her clients, newlyweds Jonathan and Tara Dudley were supposed to leave for Cancun Monday, July 18th. Jonathan said, "We were supposed to leave at 8:10."

Pruitt finished the story by stating, "The airline told them there were no planes. The flight wasn't cancelled, but there were no planes."

Their bags were packed but they had nowhere to go. The couple spent the first day of their honeymoon watching the Weather Channel as Hurricane Emily moved through Cancun. Jonathan said, "It'll all work out for the best. I'd rather be here than right in the middle of that!"

Alexiss scrambled to re-book the Dudley's. Hotels and airlines tried to accommodate the hundreds stranded in Mexico, and those trying to get there, leaving travel agents helpless. Pruitt said, "I think that's where people get frustrated because it is just a waiting game and all we can do is make phone calls and be on hold and do what we can to help out."

Despite the darkness Emily has brought, the Dudley's chose to see her bright side. Jonathan said, "I've always heard the ocean's better after a hurricane, so maybe once we get down there we'll see what it's like."

The Dudley's booked a flight to Cancun for Tuesday, July 19th.

If you have a trip scheduled for Mexico in the next week, you should check with your hotel and airline, as many resorts and airports experienced power outages.

Pruitt said September is a great time to begin traveling to Cancun or Cozumel again, because it's not too hot and chances of hurricanes are very slim.

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