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Denver City company helps clean up state tire problem

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A tire disposal company in Denver City is making an economic and environmental impact for the people it serves. 

Back in the early 2000s, when oil fields were suffering, places like Denver City were desperate for ways to rebound their economy and help their people find work. 
So, they took a look around, and found an excess of something to solve their need.
"They knew that there was a big need in West Texas for tire disposal, for years old tires were just thrown off on ditches, in old pits, or buried, or what have you, said Dan Swanson, Plant Manger at State Rubber & Environmental Solutions. 
In 2003, they opened State Rubber & Environmental Solutions, a tire disposal for businesses serving a 250 mile radius, a huge economic advantage for the surrounding areas. 
"It's a good location because it's kinda central to the West Texas area that really needed help, and they don't have to take them to Houston or as far away as Dallas."
And it's not just economically friendly, but also environmentally. The tire is broken down into crumb rubber, which is used in asphalt modifications for highways, as well as a component in turf for arenas, molded rubber products, and more. 
"When we get through with it, it looks like black sugar." "So we don't waste any of the tire, every bit of it gets used." 
The plant, which was initially designed to push out 4,000 pounds of crumb rubber an hour now does 6,000 pounds. 
"And I can't push it anymore." And they have plans for a bigger future. 
"That's why we're in the process of upgrading some equipment and installing some new equipment, so hopefully here in the near future we'll be able to double our capacity."

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