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Lubbock Teen Kidnapped and Assaulted

Lubbock police are investigating an attempted kidnapping and assault that happened around 9:30 Monday morning near 61st and Nashville. It started with a ring at the doorbell, when 16-year-old Logan Smith answered to a young man that said he had the wrong house. Moments later, four boys dressed in all black punched Logan, drug him into his car, and took him to a warehouse where they started to beat him.

Logan said, "They put a belt around my neck and they started to hang me. They'd hang me a little bit and put me back down, hang me a little bit and put me back down." The cuts and bruises are still fresh on Logan's body after being brutally beaten for about ten minutes. When asked what Smith's reaction was to the kidnapping, he said, "Probably just whether or not I was going to live, whether or not they were going to let me."

According to Logan, the only reason he lived was thanks to a phone call from a mutual friend to the suspects. "A friend called and said 'we know where you guys are at and we're going to call the cops, but drop Logan off at his house.' I didn't know he'd done that at the time I just noticed they threw me in the car and threw me on the driveway out of the car."

Police believe the suspects knew Logan, but Smith said he could not identify the boys. During the investigation, police are leaving all options open, including a possibility of a hazing crime.

Logan's mother told NewsChannel 11 her son has already been hazed once this year, and didn't want to talk on camera in fear that it could happen again.

If you have any information regarding this incident police urge you to call Crime Line at (806) 741-1000.

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