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A Perfect Match in Spur

Chris and Lisa (Source: KCBD Video) Chris and Lisa (Source: KCBD Video)

They knew each other at Spur High School. It was the class of 1993 and Chris had a crush on Lisa.

He says, "It was like love at first sight with me."

But Lisa tries to be nice and just adds, "I didn't think of him much."

They eventually went their separate ways.

Lisa joked that she was never so happy to see Spur in her rear view mirror.

She got married and started a family with two kids in San Antonio..

Chris moved to Lubbock and had two kids.

Then many years later, they discovered on Facebook that each was back in Spur and single again.

Chris and Lisa married and their family grew to include little Gracie.

But the real miracle was yet to come.

Aside from his job as a mechanic at Spur ISD, Chris spent time as a youth pastor and organized a Christian band for the church.

He played the guitar and encouraged all his kids to share his love of music. Gracie, they decided, might someday be the vocalist in the Barron band.  Chris filled his new life with family, church and music, forgetting his health, forgetting the advice that came with his diagnosis of diabetes many years ago.

Chris became gravely ill and now admits this about his diabetes, "For years, I really didn't take it seriously."

Suddenly, kidney failure prompted the need for a kidney transplant.

No one could have guessed that his number one fan would be the one person who could give Chris a second chance at life.

Lisa says with tears in her eyes, "When they called and said, 'You're a match. You're a perfect match.' It was overwhelming."

It was also a big surprise to the medical team that a perfect match could be found so quickly and right in their own home.

Lisa says, "They said when we put that kidney in, you would have thought it was an identical twin."

Chris says, "To know that I'm carrying my wife inside me and my wife is helping me live my life to the fullest, I can't be more thankful."

So thanks to Lisa, the music will continue.

The family prayers are frequent.

And little Gracie and the others can say this blended family comes from a perfect match.

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