Dealing with Back to School anxiety

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Getting ready for a new school year means more than just buying new shoes and school supplies. For some kids, it also means new stress, anxiety and fear.

Dr. Vanessa Dalton, a pediatrician at Covenant, says bed wetting in school aged children can reveal a bigger issue. But there are other clues.  She says, "Anxiety can manifest itself in many different ways. So, bed wetting or the kids who get up every hour at night to go to the bathroom or the kid who's having trouble sleeping at night, all this should trigger in your head some anxiety is going on, some stress."

Dr. Dalton adds that if you just think something is 'off' with your child, go with your instinct and ask questions... about friends, teachers, the internet.

Then, she says talk to friends and teachers to see if they have noticed something that might be different or disturbing to your child.

She adds that a new habit like hair pulling or a nervous tick is worth investigating.

And she says remember that your pediatrician is a good first stop when you're concerned because often, that doctor has known the child since birth and would have a feeling for what's different.

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