Mural in Aztlan Park gets upgrades

Mural in Aztlan Park gets upgrades

A mural built 22 years ago and repainted twice is getting a major upgrade.

Paintings of an American and Mexican flag, migrant worker, tornado, education, and a church, all symbols representing the rich Hispanic culture.

A mural that means so much and shows the growth of a community over the years.

"What it means to us is respect, dignity, unity… togetherness. That's what it means to a lot of us and not to forget what has happened in education so that we can pass it on to the younger generations what it was before," said La La Chavez.

The mural in Aztlan Park is having renovations done that will include an awning, concreted walkways, trees, lighting, and benches.

La La Chavez is the President of the Guadalupe Neighborhood Association.

She grew up in the area and this mural has a personal meaning to her.

"Behind me there's a gentleman who's kind of wiping himself and that's my father Gilbert, he's passed away but he helped with this mural he put in the cinder blocks," said Chavez.

The renovations are being funded by the city, which is a gift that Chavez says is greatly appreciated.

"I would just like to thank the city, for helping us immensely, and of course everyone that was on the committee to make this possible," said Chavez.

She hopes these renovations will bring more community events to the park and invites people to come out and explore the history this mural has to offer.

They hoped the renovations would be completed by the end of August but it may take a little longer.

However, when the renovations are finished they plan on have a celebration.

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