Local Athletes Compete in Special Olympic Games

Local Athletes Compete in Special Olympic Games

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - For 47 Special Olympic athletes, today is they day they have been training for.

"We had practices, two or three months prior depending on when the teams want to start," Ashely Pena,Special Olympics area director, said. "We have athletes from Lubbock starting at age 13, also coming from Monahan's starting at age 13."

Some of the athletes are swimming in some competitions at the highest of levels.

"Some of the athletes are in the smaller pool, trying to build up their swimming skills. Then we have some of the athletes that love to swim, doing the 25 meters and 50 meter races," Pena said.

They are all competing for the coveted gold medal.

"It means the world to them, they love coming out here," Pena said. "They love getting those medals, and they love competing against friends and new teammates."

And at the end of the day, it doesn't matter if they won or lost. They are all winners, because they all participated in the Special Olympics.

"Just coming out here and just waking up every day and coming out here. Whether it is myself or my volunteers, the athletes or the staff. Everyone is a winner here, because we get to all experience this joy and it is amazing," Pena said.

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