Guadalupe Elementary preparing parents for first day of school

Guadalupe Elementary preparing parents for first day of school

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Preparations for the first day of school are in full swing across Lubbock.

Guadalupe Elementary held a town hall meeting to talk with parents about the goals of the upcoming school year.

One thing they talked about is making parental involvement a priority.

Pre-K teachers find that often, parents are the ones who have a hard time with the first day of school. So, teachers work hard to ensure that those parents feel comfortable when leaving their kids.

"I try to have my environment, the classroom to be welcoming to families. I just keep encouraging them and telling them that I am their friend, their ally, and I'm here to get their kids ready for not only school but society," said Imelda Trevino, pre-k teacher at Guadalupe Elementary.

But parents aren't the only ones who struggle with the idea of going to school for the first time.

Some students have a hard time being away from their parents, for that long, with lots of new faces.

So, Mrs. Trevino likes to include the whole family on meet the teacher night.

"We took family photos and we have them up in the locker, around the classroom just to let them know that yes, they are coming and if they ever need to, they can just grab it and hold it," Trevino said.

Trevino says the first week is always the hardest. Both kids and parents have a hard time with leaving, but she says it's best if parents don't linger around the classroom if their kids seem to be upset.

At Guadalupe, they are making it a priority to include parents in things that are happening around the school in order to make a better learning environment for every student.

"I think it's important that they are here and involved because they may not have those resources at home, and at least here they can question or they can use or technology."

Ultimately, teachers want their students to have support from home and in the classroom.

"Your child needs to see that you support us and we support you and we support each other," Trevino said.

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