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Autopsy Report Expected Monday on Thomas Mallory

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It may be Monday before Thomas Mallory's parents get answers about his official cause of death. The Lubbock County Medical Examiner's Office does not expect to complete their report before then. NewsChannel 11 spoke at length with Mallory's mother Wednesday about what has been a very difficult wait.

It comes down to one word for Tom Mallory's parents... truth. They say they will be comforted to find out the truth about what happened to their son the night he died. They are anxiously waiting to see what the district attorney's office does with the case. They have seen the toxicology report but say the reports are hard to interpret without official word from the medical examiner.

Tom died after reportedly taking ecstasy, five weeks ago. His mom, Louise Steinspring tells NewsChannel 11 those five weeks have been, and continue to be, agonizing. She says Tuesday and Wednesday were especially hard with the case back in the news. Of course, she misses Tom terribly but she's happy to share her happy memories of his life.

Mrs. Steinspring tells NewsChannel 11 Tom had a heart of gold and a passion for life. She describes him as a very happy kid, very well liked. He was athletic, loved tennis and golf, but he also loved writing stories, reading, and films. Tom actually met Stephen Spielberg once as a young child.

Mrs. Steinspring says Tom hoped to attend film school at USC someday. She knows he would have gone on to lead a very productive and creative life. She also says Tom loved Lubbock and she wants his legacy to live on here. Eventually she plans to memorialize him by educating others on the dangers of drugs and substance abuse.

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