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Controversy Over Abortion Pill

The abortion pill RU-486 has been legal in the United States for five years, but the controversy continues especially today, now that the FDA is looking into the possibility that the pill may be causing a bacterial infection that killed five women.

The FDA has issued a public health advisory, asking doctors who prescribe RU-486 to be on the lookout for this infection and for women who take this pill to watch for possible warning signs.

"They should monitor themselves for abdominal pain, pelvic pain, and changes in their body that they may be sick or ill. This infection occurs without one of the hallmarks of infection that we use, which is fever," says Dr. Yvonne Braver at the Cleveland Clinic.

The abortion pills' manufacturer, Danco Laboratories, has put out a stronger warning label, but maintains, RU-486 is not a major risk considering 500,000 have taken the abortion pill and only 5 deaths are under investigation as a possible connection. FDA and Danco Laboratories officials state they do not know for sure these deaths can be attributed solely to RU-486.

The FDA reports 4 women have died due to sepsis after taking RU-486, and one woman died due to ectopic pregnancy.

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