New policies to make life easier for breastfeeding moms

(KCBD) - August is National Breastfeeding Month. It's part of a campaign by the United States Breastfeeding Committee to build support for new policies that would make it more easier for women to breastfeed when needed.

Shannon Mims-Cepica is a Parent educator and Lactation Specialist at Covenant Children's.

She's here to explain how to get past some common challenges women may face when trying to decide whether to breast feed.

Shannon says, "It takes a week to 2 weeks to establish good breast feeding and feel better about it. Any amount that you can give your baby to breast feed and continue.  It's just more benefits the longer that you go."

She says the American Academy of Pediatrics would like for women to breast feed for 6 months, then add the appropriate complimentary foods up to a year for the best benefit.

She says scientists have learned a lot about what breast milk can do for a baby, even in preventing respiratory and gastrointestinal illnesses, adding that prenatal classes are excellent in preparing new moms to tackle the challenges that may come with breast feeding.

It's no secret that many mothers worry about being able to feed their baby after returning to the work force. Shannon says that's why it takes community support to know that breast feeding is recognized and encouraged by family, employers and legislators.

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