Parking on 19th street now residential only

Parking on 19th street now residential only

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - As part of the 19th Street beautification project, parking on the south side of 19th street will now be residential only.

City council approved the residential only ordinance in June of this year and the resident only signs are already put into place, meaning Texas Tech students will have to find a new place to park when school starts back.

The city says homeowners along 19th street were able to voice their concerns on this matter and many of them are glad to see this ordinance put into place.

But, homeowners and the city of Lubbock says a major reason behind this change was a safety concern.

"It was a concern for us because students parking along 19th street and as they would get out of their cars, they cross 19th street from where they park, which is not a signalized intersection," Wood Franklin, director of public works, said.

City officials say car tags will be required for residents who wish to park along 19th street, and those without a tag can be ticketed.

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