Hair dressing academy offers free back to school haircuts

Hair dressing academy offers free back to school haircuts

It's the last Friday of the summer for some students as they head back to school on Monday.

Some celebrated with fresh haircuts and smiling faces as they got free back-to-school haircuts.

Wade Gordon Hairdressing Academy near 76th Street and University Avenue hosted the event.

"We're doing a free hair cut event we love to do an outreach for all the kids for back to school," Valerie Burba, Wade Gordon director of education, said,

This is an event they've done every year for the last three years, not including seven other free haircut events they've done just this season.

"Its nice to give back and a haircut is something we can do that's you know free and helpful to the community so," Burba said.

This not only helps parents with back to school expenses but touches the hearts of the ones doing the work.

"We serve a lot of lower income families today that can't afford to go get like a taper fade or hard part or comb overs or certain haircuts that they can't want," Paul Hernandez, a senior student, said. "So to see the smile on their face when they can come and get something for free… and then they leave just happy ready to start school."

"It's not always about the money, its just very fulfilling to see that smile, just being able to bless somebody with something that otherwise they might not have had before school," Dianna Flores, another student at Wade Gordon, said,

Last year Wade Gordon did about 200 haircuts and this year they were hoping to do even more.

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