LP&L hosts open house to the public

LP&L hosts open house to the public

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - To answer the public's questions regarding billing information and various other topics representatives from Lubbock Power & Light visited Miller Elementary School.

"A lot of times we can get out and speak to a large group, we can speak through the media and social media," Matt Rose , Lubbock Power & Light spokesperson, said. "But for your average customer out there, they may have a very specific question that goes beyond just their bill. So, we are here to make sure we can answer that question."

That's exactly what LP&L did today, as they hosted an open house for the public to come speak to a LP&L representative in person.

"The most important thing we are trying to do today, is speak with customers in small groups on a one on one basis. Just walk them through, what it is we do," Rose said.

The open house offered customers the chance to learn how to read their meters and ways to conserve water during the hottest times of the year.

"We want to show them the process we go through, and allow them to really try it themselves," Rose said. "To see what it is to be a meter reader, and to see the difficulties that we might encounter."

The open house also offered the chance for citizens to voice their opinions on how things could be different.

"You know, a lot of folks that have come in here today, they have ideas on what we can do to cut back on cost. Which is helpful to us, to hear what our customers had to say," Rose said. "But it is also good to tell our customers, 'hey here are ways you can cut down on your usage and you can save on your side of the meter,' so it is a good back and forth."

With plans of more open house events in the future, LP&L officials say they are excited to be able to connect with the community.

"The employees, the staff, all the way up to the city council members. Everyone was excited and got behind it, hopefully this is something we build on," Rose said. "We are going to have more of these in the future and the more we can get out and talk to folks. The more they know about what we do, and again we can build that relationship going forward."

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