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Food for Thought Report 7.21

Speed dominates this week's Food for Thought report. Out of three top performers, all three specialize in satisfying your fast food craving. We start with the golden arches of McDonald's. First the McDonald's at 8011 Slide Road. Then, the McDonald's inside Wal-Mart at 4215 South Loop 289. Taco Bell at 5713 4th Street also had zero critical violations for a perfect score.

Food for Thought 7.21
Here is a complete list of the restaurants and their violations for the week ending on 7/21/05.

Now, a low performer who was a top performer last time we visited them... O'Hana Mongolian BBQ at 3410 98th. O'Hana's invited us inside their kitchen to explain and show they had nothing to hide. The restaurant had five critical violations. The most serious for raw chicken waiting to be cooked held at 76 degrees. Manager Erica Ray says, "We discussed with the chef a bit about that and they now realize as soon as it comes out of the coolers it needs to be cooked immediately."

O'Hana's was also cited for:

  • Soiled wiping clothes on food contact surfaces
  • Noodles and fried chicken that were not date marked
  • A hand washing station that was out of paper towels
  • Various spray bottles containing toxic substances that were not labeled.

All critical violations were corrected on site. Ray says, "We are very dedicated to utmost customer service and cleanliness so we make sure everything in back and the front of the house is clean."

Finally, another low performer, Lala's Restaurant at 1110 Broadway. Lala's had five critical violations.

  • Cooked chorizo was held above the required cold temperature.
  • Cooked potatoes and eggs were below the required hot temperature.
  • A container of potatoes was stored on top of eggs that were not covered.
  • Cooked potatoes and sausage were not date marked.
  • Dead roaches were spotted next to the restroom.

All critical violations were corrected on site. A manager tells us some of the food in question had been set aside to be thrown away. They use an exterminator every other month and there are no roaches in the restaurant.

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