South Plains Food Bank organizing From Lubbock with Love effort to help Hurricane Harvey victims

South Plains Food Bank organizing From Lubbock with Love effort to help Hurricane Harvey victims
South Plains Food Bank building (Source: KCBD Video)
South Plains Food Bank building (Source: KCBD Video)

Provided by South Plains Food Bank

The South Plains Food Bank is calling on area businesses, schools and faith based organizations who are conducting food drives for victims of Hurricane Harvey to coordinate relief efforts with South Plains Food Bank (SPFB) in a campaign called From Lubbock with Love.

SPFB has been asked by Feeding Texas, a statewide network of food banks, to make food boxes for flood victims. Once the boxes are made, Feeding Texas will transport the food for distribution to areas of greatest need.

Groups and businesses in Lubbock are already conducting food drives for coastal relief efforts. However, the food must be sorted and packed before it can be sent to coastal relief agencies. At this time, food banks along the coast have themselves been damaged by wind and flooding. They lack both the staff and volunteers to work donated food for distribution.

Organizations wishing to conduct food drives are being asked to register their food drive with SPFB by going to The link provides a way to register food drives or make a donation to SPFB for Hurricane Relief efforts. Organizers are asked to provide containers for the food they collect and to provide transportation to the South Plains Food Bank at 5605 ML King Blvd.

According to David Weaver, CEO of the South Plains Food Bank, "Lubbock and the South Plains is filled with generous and caring individuals who want to help. At this point, we want to coordinate food relief efforts so that no food goes to waste. That may happen when people collect food and head to the coast without a destination in mind. By working through Feeding Texas, we are insuring that donations are put to the best use."

The most needed items are:

  • Hand-held snack items such as granola bars
  • Pop-top ready-to-eat items
  • Shelf-stable pantry items such as peanut butter, tuna and soup
  • Bottled water
  • Cleaning supplies (bleach, non-bleach, paper towels, etc.)
  • Personal hygiene items (toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc.)

PLEASE NO GLASS OR CANNED ITEMS that could be damaged in transportation

Hurricane Harvey is an unfolding disaster that will require long-term recovery efforts. The best form of support right now is monetary donations that can be used to purchase the needed items and have them delivered in the most efficient manner. The SPFB can leverage donations through bulk and planned buying to avoid the cost associated with sorting and transporting.

SPFB always welcomes all forms of support. Contacting us first to see if your donations can be held until affected food banks are ready to receive it, is the best course of action. Once items are collected, we will put out a call for volunteer help.

There are people who have sought refuge in our communities that were affected by the storms. If they are in need of emergency assistance they are encouraged to contact the SPFB at (806) 763-3003.

The SPFB will continue to do what we can as a humanitarian resource, and know the South Plains community will assist in every way possible to help our fellow Texans.