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New Treatment for Migraines

12 million Americans suffer migraines or chronic headaches, here is what's new or on the horizon, according to the National Headache Foundation. Rick Jablonski is one of the first to try two nerve stimulators implanted in his body, sending a constant signal to three electrodes in his head. Rick can adjust them up and down depending on the pain.

"I could tell the difference immediately. It was wonderful," says Rick Jablonski a headache patient.

"The patients have their pain replaced by a sense of warm tingling throughout the forehead and the scalp," says Dr. Robert Levy a Nerosurgeon.

Dr. Levy says the idea isn't new, but using it to deaden the pain of severe headaches is new. It's called supra-orbital nerve stimulation, appropriately referred to as sos for short. It is still experimental, so it is does not have FDA approval yet. There is something else new, that does have the okay from the FDA. It is the first FDA approved pill to prevent migraines. It's called Topamax and patients like Nancy Lisker take one every night at bedtime.

"It just meant gaining control of my life, spending time with my two children, feeling healthy again," says Nancy Lisker a migraine patient.

The National Headache Foundation says 95 percent of migraines can be controlled, not cured but controlled. So patients are encouraged to explore options to find out what works best for them.

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