Texas State Reps team up with Josh Abbott to help out in Rockport

Texas State Reps team up with Josh Abbott to help out in Rockport

ROCKPORT, TX (KCBD) - Texas State Representatives Dustin Burrows and Drew Springer volunteered their time to help in Rockport this week.

They teamed up with members of the Texas A&M Forestry Service in chainsawing and clearing limbs from residential neighborhoods.

They also ran into a couple of familiar faces.

Country singer and Idalou native Josh Abbott and his partners at Mac's BBQ loaded up their food truck and headed to Southeast Texas to hand out a hot meal to anyone that needed it.

They took 600 pounds of brisket, 100 pounds of sausage, 75 dozen eggs, 50 pounds of bacon, potatoes, jalapenos, and apples, and have been cooking ever since.

"We got down here Monday afternoon and just started cooking then. We served dinner that night and then we hit it real hard Tuesday morning, and Tuesday morning and lunch were slammed and then night time it got busy again, and then we did it again today," Abbott said.

They served everyone from first responders to Harvey victims who were eating MREs, and canned tuna, or were not eating at all.

"We met some people that had some really interesting and sad stories. One lady said it was her first meal in three days and one lady was crying she said she had lost everything," Abbott said.

An eye-opening experience that he says you should see for yourself.

"An eye-opening experience to see first hand because you see it on the news and you just go wow it's crazy, but then you see it in person... The magnitude of it really starts to hit you because man, this community will take years to recover from this," Abbott said.

Abbott encourages people to get out and volunteer their time to help in any way they can.

They also plan on checking in every couple weeks to see what the needs are and maybe even go back down and cook free BBQ again.

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