VIDEO: Doctors praise strength, heroism of Clovis shooting survivors

VIDEO: Doctors praise strength, heroism of Clovis shooting survivors

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - It's a long road to recovery for the four people injured during the shooting at a Clovis library on Monday.

Thursday afternoon, members of the medical team who treated the victims here at UMC in Lubbock gave an update on how their patients are doing.

Two of the survivors remain at UMC as of Thursday night, while two have been discharged.

The surgeons described the injuries that each of them have overcome; however, they did not discuss the injuries of 10-year-old Noah Molina, as his family asked for privacy.

The doctors say 53-year-old Howard Jones had a gunshot wound in his forearm that led to a fracture. They say he suffered nerve damage from this but there is a good chance of a full recovery.

The doctors said 30-year-old Jessica Thron had a gunshot wound in her upper left arm.

And doctors say for 21-year-old Alexis Molina, the sister of the youngest survivor, it is a miracle she is still alive.

Doctors say when Molina arrived, she was immediately taken to surgery with life threatening injuries and a gunshot wound just above her heart.

They say another bullet went through her right leg, and another one is still lodged in her left knee.

The doctors commended all of the survivors for their strength and bravery, specifically Molina and Howard, who the doctors say were worried about protecting family members during the incident.

"Both of these people had loved ones who were in the library at the time of the shooting. And what is amazing is, they were not at all worried about their own future. But they teared up when they said oh my gosh I'm so glad that my loved one was able to get to safety. And that was what they were concerned about. So really you want to think about these two people not as victims, because that can often happen. We think of them as poor people are you ok, you're injured. They are actually heroes, because both of these people helped other people not get killed in this incident," said Dr. Sharmila Dissanaike, Surgery Chair.

The surgeons say all four survivors are recovering very well and making positive progress.

But they say it will still be a long road ahead for these survivors mentally, as PTSD can come from traumatic events like this.

The hospital says the survivors will get help with that process.

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