Lubbock police find starving dog shown in viral Facebook post

Lubbock police find starving dog shown in viral Facebook post

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - A weekend Facebook post has people in Lubbock and the surrounding areas outraged at the alleged apparent mistreatment of a dog. Now, Lubbock police are involved.

But in a Sunday Facebook post, the Lubbock Police Department said they were able to find the dog after searching throughout the weekend. Though an initial LPD post said most of their preliminary investigations led to nothing.

The update started gaining popularity over the weekend when a Facebook user posted a picture of a dog so malnourished that its rib cage was visible. The Facebook user claims that neighbors in the apartment complex he is living in were starving the dog.

"They said the neighbors are starving him just to starve him," said the Facebook user.

The man who wrote the post said he has made numerous calls to police and animal control, which he said produced no results. He also posted an update saying police were at his complex and looking into the situation. After talking with the man, he said the issue with Animal Control is they were closed for the holiday and only the police could contact them, which he said the officer refused to do so. He said he then went to the police department in person.

But after searching LPD was able to locate the dog in a different apartment complex that was mentioned in the viral Facebook post.

"After a tip, officers located the dog at a different location than what was being reported to us (NOT the apartment complex that was listed in the viral post)," LPD wrote in its Facebook post. "Officers and Animal Control went to the home and spoke to the owner."

They were able to confirm with the dog's owners that it has been under veterinary care and taking medication for an illness. The dog's owners have also consented to take the dog to a different veterinarian to get a second opinion.

"Animal control officers are following the owner to the vet to ensure the dog and owner arrive," LPD wrote. "They will also continue to follow up on the dog's welfare.

The dog's owners also say the dog got out of their backyard on Friday, which was also the day the Facebook post began to go viral. This also goes against the post's original suggestion that it was the owners of his apartment complex that were aiding in the dog's mistreatment.

"The owner of the apartment complex that was listed in the viral post was not involved in this case in any way," LPD wrote. "They have been receiving threats due to the viral post and we ask that people stop messaging and threatening this individual."

After police made public they found the dog and it contradicted what the viral post stated, the original poster took down the viral post. KCBD also found at least three more people who posted the exact same post as original content (not a shared post). Those posts are still viewable on Facebook.

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