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Mayor McDougal Vows To Finish What He Started

Mayor Marc McDougal now promises Lubbockites to finish the job they've elected him to do.

The announcement comes after the McDougal family decided to step down from all boards and step out of the public eye. However, for Marc McDougal, that won't happen until May 2006, when his term expires, but the family decision won't affect his role as mayor. He said he believes in finishing what he's started and he'll go out with the same force and drive with which he came in.

Marc McDougal has held the title of mayor since 2002. He's served on the Lubbock City Council since 1998. "It's a shame it has transpired the way it has the past couple days," said McDougal.

Mayor McDougal, his brother Mike and father Delbert decided to step away from their various public positions after growing tired of the criticism. However, Marc McDougal's mayoral term doesn't expire until May, so until then, he'll continue to be the leader he was elected to be.

McDougal said, "there's not anything that I have done at the city that I'm going to slack off on. If I commit to something, I'm committed 110 percent or I'm not committed at all." McDougal also said he'll follow through with securing the water plan, hiring police and firefighters, and trying to decrease taxes.

The McDougal family donates over $500,000 a year to various local non-profits, and that may change. McDougal says they'll now use a different set of criteria.

"I don't think you'll see us just say no to everything all across the board," said McDougal, "we'll take each request, look at them and make a decision. I do think you'll see it scaled back somewhat from what we've done in last several years."

The McDougal's tell NewsChannel 11 they'll still donate to their church as well as Buckner's Children's Home.

McDougal also said he may make an occasional phone calls to city council members after his term if he see's something going on, but he doesn't want to criticize council in the future. He said that's not his style.

McDougal Family Steps Down From All Community Involvement
The McDougal family is stepping down from all community boards and committees effective immediately. They are also cutting off their donations of a half a million dollars a year to local non profits and charities. The reason: a conflict of interest.

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