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Are Employee Prices for Car Buyers Really a Good Deal?

It's a deal that almost sounds too good to be true; all three domestic auto makers are giving everyone in the US the same discount they give to employees. It's so enticing that many folks who weren't even thinking about a new car are wondering if it's about that time. But is it really a good deal?

The idea is appealing, but with this promising to be the sale of all sales, is it really as good as it seems?

"It's actually an unbelievable deal, anyone qualifies for it you don't have to have good credit and you don't have to have money down. Anybody qualifies," Jase Foster of Pollard Friendly Ford said.

But this deal is not for every car on the lot a few do not qualify for this offer. Cars
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"Nearly every car, with the '05 models all the '05 with the exception of the Ford Mustang, the Escape Hybrid, and the GT," Foster said.

Jase Foster Pollard Friendly Ford sales manager says that outside of these models, the employee discount does not stop any of the other incentives or financing offers available.

"You get the employee discount plus you get $3,000 difference on extras," car buyer Ken Edwards said.

Which is appealing to the consumer.

"Have you ever seen a deal like this before?"

"No, because I paid more for my other vehicle and it's not near the vehicle I'm fixing to buy for less money," Edwards said.

With only one week left, for those in the market for a new vehicle, there might not be a better time to shop around

"There is no catch, no nothing to this plan; it's as simple as that," Foster said.

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