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Nordic Walking

The only equipment you need to walk is a good pair of walking shoes, but you do need something else for something called Nordic Walking.   It's a little like cross country skiing, without the skis.

Trainer, Caroline Bloomquist says, "Nordic walking is walking with poles that were designed to help the cross country team work out in the off season.  The poles add the upper body into what would normally be a lower body activity, so we're using muscles of the upper body which helps increase the heart rate, which expends more calories."

"I do aerobics, I do spinning, but I have a lot of arthritis, I can't do any of the step or things that are jumping.  And this is truly walking," says Nordic Walker, Carolyn Goldman

Instructor Caroline Bloomquist says adding the poles while walking engages more muscle groups, and that increases your heart rate.

If you want to try Nordic Walking, Robert Sherman's Fit Studio in Bethesda has three classes a week, weather permitting.  

You can do it on your own, but don't grab your ski poles out of the closet.   Poles for walking have rubber tips to grip the ground. Caroline says, "The poles help with coordination and balance, so once you get the coordination of the natural swing and use the poles as an extension of your arms, anyone can do it."

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