Safety training available for kids who stay home alone

Safety training available for kids who stay home alone

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - In the state of Texas there is no law determining a specific age children should be before they are allowed to stay home alone.

Leaving kids home alone may be the only option some parents have.

The Hodges Community Center is hosting a home alone training session, so that kids can stay safe and feel comfortable if they have to stay alone.

"We're not encouraging anybody to leave their kids at home alone but if you have to make that choice we want to help educate the parents and the children on what they need to do. Important things to go over with them, make them feel comfortable and make sure that they know what to do and how to react to certain things," said Stephanie Brady, Hodges Community Center Supervisor.

The home alone training teaches kids things like not to open the door for people they do not know, making contact with parents as soon as they get home and then getting started on school work - how to handle emergency situations such as weather, and the proper way to treat themselves with a first aid kit in case of emergency.

They also play games and go through different kinds of scenario training.

Here's an example of one scenario they teach: "You are home alone making a cheese sandwich and a glass of orange juice for a snack. You drop the glass on the floor and it shatters all over the kitchen. It cuts you on the foot and you're bleeding, what should you do?"

Canaan Blakely attended the first home alone training and knows what to do when things happen.

Each child receives a booklet with information covered in the class to take home and use as a guide.

"If I'm home alone I would have this home alone thing and if I needed help or something I would either call my mom or my mom's workplace," Blakely said.

He went over the safety checklist with his mom and keeps it in a safe place.

"I keep this here on the refrigerator door," Blakely said.

The purpose of the training is to make it fun and educate at the same time.

The next training session is this Saturday, Sept. 16 from 10 a.m. until noon at the Hodges Community Center.

The cost is $15 dollars per child. Registration ends on Thursday, Sept. 14.

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