Xcel employees in Florida welcomed with pizza, treats

Xcel employees in Florida welcomed with pizza, treats

TAMPA, FL (KCBD) - As a way to show their appreciation to some of the Xcel Energy linemen who went to Florida to aide in Hurricane Irma recovery, residents gave the crew various gifts.

Most of the men can be seen smiling holding boxes of pizza and a jar of pickles local residents bought, according to a news release from Xcel. This was a way to thank the crew for helping some of the residents out and was bought by the residents.

The order of the crewmen are: from left are Dustin Bach of Plainview, Oscar Oscornio of Levelland, Logan Gardner of Plainview, OJ Zapata of Littlefield, Tory Blackwell of Levelland, Terry Smith of Littlefield, Brandon Zahn of Plainview and Isaiah Flores of Levelland. Standing behind Bach and Oscornio is an unidentified contractor.

Earlier in the week Xcel sent a 36-member crew to Tampa, FL from Amarillo to help begin restoration work.

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