Residents upset over overgrown weeds in north Lubbock neighborhood

Residents upset over overgrown weeds in north Lubbock neighborhood

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Residents in a north Lubbock neighborhood have reached out to KCBD about a house in their neighborhood that is completely overgrown with weeds.

Those viewers told KCBD that they tried to reach out the city's code enforcement department to get this yard taken care of, but got no response.

"I had a few people complain, matter fact they even went to the city and complained about the place, they said they would take care of it," one concerned neighbor, said.

For more than a year, the house at 2516 Baylor St. has been vacant. This summer and last, the weeds in the front yard got out of control, making neighbors upset.

According to the city's code enforcement website weeds that are over eight inches tall are considered a violation.

The property owner is responsible for keeping the lawns mowed and can be cited if they don't maintain their yards. Neighbors say the house is terrible to look at now.

Not only is the house hard on the eyes, the house next door to it says there is a terrible and and scorpion problem because of the overgrown weeds.

The neighbors next door said the scorpions have made their way into their house now.  But that's not the only concern. Neighbors are also concerned about the fact that the house is vacant and no one can see who is getting in there.

"I have a feeling some homeless people live back there. There's times where my sister is in her room and she hears somebody knocking or somebody talking and stuff like that. So, it's dangerous for us residents here because we don't know what's there," the neighbor said.

Since the house is vacant, neighbors are left wondering who is responsible for the upkeep of the yard. Code enforcement says the city will take care of it.

"If the city goes and mows the property, we charge the property owner the cost of the mowing plus a $150 administration fee," Stuart Walker, code administration director, said.

Right now the city says they don't have a vacancy case on this particular house and have not received any complaints on it.

And, there is no violation on a vacant house that is secured and just sitting there.

It only becomes a problem when the house becomes open and accessible for anyone to get into.

"If unwanted persons are able to get into the house, we'll take it to municipal court to get orders on the house and that order is for the property owner to abate those violations that we signed and if they don't that order gives the city the order to demolish the house to abate the violations," Walker said.

The city does say they have received weed complaints on the house - and someone will be out here next week to re-inspect and the yard could be mowed as early as next week.

If you see a house in your neighborhood in violated of the city's codes - you are asked to call 311 - so they city can check out it.

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